I guess I need to talk about myself here… hrrrmmn :-\

– Avid boating enthusiast (see beer)
– Avid beer enthusiast (see boating)
– Former, and hopefully soon-to-be again motorcycle daredevil
– Digital video (see MythTV, webcam)
– Embedded Linux (see dockstar, webcam, home automation)
– Resource conservation (see greywater system)
– Electronics ‘mad scientist
– Fifth degree jack of all trades with a doctorate from the school of hard knocks (there are no honorary doctorates awarded by this school)
– Amateur mechanic, gunsmith, cabinetmaker, father, husband

– 19 year veteran of the IT industry
– Self-proclaimed Bourbon snob
– Politically incorrect, backwards-ass country boy
– Terminally infected with tinkerer’s disease

And I suppose I should mention that I do all this stuff to the benefit of, and sometimes in spite of my patient and understanding wife and two wonderful teenage children.

I can be contacted at scott dot pfautsch at pfautsch dot com dot dot dash zombies! 🙂

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