Home Control & Automation

Welcome to the homepage for my home control and automation projects.

When our family moved into our current residence in 2008, the first ‘home improvement’ item on my (not our) agenda after wiring the house for microwave (sattelite) and UTP ethernet, was a programmable thermostat. Having been spoiled by the $19 LUX programmable t-stat I had at our previous residence, I scoured the home improvement superstores and the internet looking for something affordable (read: dirt cheap) that would give me flexible programmable heating and cooling programs possibly with a simple web-based interface as icing. I could turn up nothing. Commercially produced units were expensive and overly complicated, and there was absolutely nothing in my price range (free-$200). What followed was a 18+ month long project to roll my own system that would run on a low-power single board computer. As you can imagine, my wife has a book full of colorful nicknames for this project most of which start with the qualifiers ‘that’ and ‘stupid’. I cannot thank her enough for allowing me to make her my unwilling beta tester.

Though generally in a constant state of flux, the current system monitors and controls my home’s HVAC, greywater catchment and garage door opener.

The current iteration is now built around an Arduino clone and a Seagate Dockstar running Debian Wheezy. You can read more here.

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